R/K offers the client the following support

RK Assists the client in settling all formalities for the rental of a real estate property up to the signature of the rental contract. The client will be informed about all necessary documents and payments which have to be provided before signing. Rental payments and payments of costs related to the rented property have to be effected through an account with a Spanish bank which can be arranged on request.

RK Informs the client of all important points which have to be considered when buying a property. In collaboration with a renown lawyers office all details of the procedure of the property purchase as reservation fee, contract of "Arras Penitenciales" and the official signing of the Title Deed. Furthermore all property details as payments and costs, federal-and local taxes will be verified and all legal steps for entry in the local real estate property register are taken. R/K will co-ordinate with banks and the public notary the date of signing and will inform the client which documents have to be provided before.

RK Offers the client assistance as "Personal Shopper" for furnishing the rented or purchased property. The client is presented the most interesting shops where he can find all accessories for his house as well as different styles of furniture

RK Provides the client with important information about the chosen local area, as transport, shopping centers, doctors, vets, hotels, restaurants. Etc.

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